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Hey guys! :D My names Carly (oviously lol), I love to play softball and gymnastics. Im into screamo and hard core metal music and i am my own person. I dont have a lable becuase i do my own thing :). I love the corpse bride, coraline, and alice in wonderland. Anything that has to do with imagination really :) I can be a bitch but im tons of fun and always ready to have a good time :) get to know me <3

What do u want to know?



FFDP <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Always supressed

Everything I do is wrong. Everything I like is weird. Always disappointing u. Thats all i ever do. I can NEVER do what I want because its stupid, ugly, or weird. I give everything for you, i gave up what makes me happy for you. I stopped doing what i wanted becuase it wasnt make u happy. Why is EVERYTHING about what makes u happy??!!?!!! What about me? When do I start to matter?

Tired and pissed off. Thats all I was, I just need to relax. But of course, relaxing makes me lazy right? How dare you tell me that I dont do anything all week. Just because im not out running or outside all the time does NOT make me lazy. I watch 2 kids 3 days a week, i do gymnastics, i play softball, and i help my family. And on top of that i deal with school. Being hated, struggling with grades, and dealing with the family fighting and my sickness. So excuse me if i take a few hours out of my day to get my thoughts together. →


Its ok baby, just take your time. Im only dieing….

Pull yourself up by your boot straps and move on. The world will keep spinning.
— mother

WAHHHH !! I want one!!! :(

 I absolutley adore this video &lt;3

 I absolutley adore this video <3

Round and Round We GO

Every few weeks we seem to fight and scream and call each other names. This could end quicker then we thought you said. And with that my heart broke and my mind stopped. tears welling up i logged off and took my mind off the topic. We are talking again but when will this happen again? How many times must we go around this circle before we finally get to dizzy to function? I hope it changes soon, or things will only get worse.